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When it comes to protecting your dreams, it helps to have someone who is willing to take the time to understand your individual needs. Our agents are not only knowledgeable in a wide range of insurance products, but are tuned in to the communities they serve, understand the unique risk factors that those living in Michigan may face, and value the relationships they build with our members.

Yes, it's transportation from "Point A" to "Point B", but your car is far more than that - it's an extension of you. You need premium auto coverage that will have you back behind the wheel as soon as humanly possible - without having to jump through hoops to place your claim.  CIG can tailor a policy to meet your needs and then some - with extras including full rental coverage, gap insurance, and coordination of medical benefits.

Looking for specialty coverage that you don’t see here on the list? Call Cantor Insurance Group today.  If it can be insured, we have a policy for it!

What could be more devastating than a fire or theft in your own home? Your primary concern is the safety of you and your family, but beyond that your home is typically your largest investment and you owe it to yourself to protect it.  Don't leave it up to chance - you need a policy that will secure your home and contents in the event an unforseen disaster.  Your CIG agent can help you determine a level of coverage that will suit your needs and let you rest easy knowing that you’re fully protected.
There's nothing like riding down the open road with the wind in your hair - until an accident or theft throws a wrench into your plans.  Cantor Insurance Group offers many insurance options that cover your bike AND related equipment - even providing the option of replacement coverage.  Get in touch with us today to find out more details.

Everyone likes to have a little fun on the weekend, especially with recreational vehicles!  Whether it's with your ATV or motorhome, jet skis, or boat, Cantor Insurance Group has a policy that will cover your toys AND related equipment when you decide to head out for an adventure.  Remember, even when being safe, accidents can happen - make sure you and your vehicles are protected with a full coverage policy.

Looking for specialty recreational coverage that you don’t see here?  

Call CIG today - if it can be insured, we have a policy for it!

If you own a home, a car, or even play golf, you need a personal umbrella liability policy to protect you from unforeseen litigation. It's sad but true - you could lose everything you own in just one claim if you aren't adequately protected against unexpected personal liability.  Whether you have current coverage and just need to fill the gaps, or if you need a new policy altogether, talk to a CIG agent today about how to better protect yourself and your assets.



Is your business properly insured? From the core, your organization is one-of-a-kind and requires flexible and customized business insurance. Michigan companies deserve business insurance policies that are as unique as they are. You've worked hard to establish your brand and reputation – make sure you have the coverage your business needs.

As a business owner, there are many decisions that must be made on a daily basis without having to worry about insurance.  Let Cantor Insurance Group handle your commercial vehicles - we make things simple so you can spend more time growing your business and less time dealing with claims.

One of the most important parts of being a business owner is having adequate property insurance.  If you own the property on which your business is located, property insurance is a must.  If you have any sort of inventory, equipment, or furniture on your business property, it is paramount that these things are insured.  Business property insurance protects you against loss resulting from damage to your property caused by lightning, fire, wind, hail, or explosion as well as the cost of moving the property to protect it from additional damage.

What is Business Property? 

Business property is anything and everything you own that relates to your business.  Land, buildings, equipment, and vehicles are all considered property, and these things must be insured.  Business property insurance will also cover theft of electronic equipment and furniture.

As a business owner, general liability insurance is something you cannot do without. By running a business, you are familiar with the day-to-day uncertainties of small business management.  You and your business can depend on general business liability insurance from Cantor Insurance Group.

We understand that you need complete business protection - not just a basic policy with limited, generic coverage.  Our general liability insurance even covers medical expenses and attorney fees and damages when you are legally responsible, along with other situations that may not have even crossed your mind, regardless of your planning.

We know how hard you've worked and how much time you’ve spent on your business plan – the financial investment, careful planning, and endless hours to which you've grown accustomed.  And because accidents can – and do – happen, general business liability insurance from CIG can protect you and your business.

Did you know?

Any individual or business that provides an opinion, makes recommendations, or offers design solutions and services is at risk for a professional liability lawsuit. Don't let your business get trapped in one of these situations - make sure you're covered with a personalized policy from CIG.

Your insurance needs are unique to your business.  Based on the commercial liability insurance requirements for your company and employees, we are able to work with you to determine the right type of general business liability insurance coverage for every stage of your business.


Finding the proper workers' compensation insurance is essential to any business.  Workers’ compensation covers your employees in the event of a job related personal injury, providing them with financial assistance for medical bills and cost of living while they are unable to continue working.  These costs are often expensive, that's why a smart business owner will take the proper steps to be covered with a quality workers’ compensation policy.

The size of your company can dictate the specific terms of your policy, so contact Cantor Insurance Group today to provide the exact specifications of your business. We'll ask you a few questions about your past claims, risk level, and number of employees in order to expedite an accurate quote so we can get you covered immediately!

Also known as excess liability insurance, a commercial umbrella policy provides your business with additional protection when your current underlying policy exceeds its limits.  An umbrella policy adds an extra layer of protection to your current policy, and is generally the easiest and most affordable way to raise your limit of coverage.

Please be aware that commercial umbrella insurance does not extend the coverage limits on an existing liability or errors and omissions policy - it is merely an extra layer of protection for you and your business.  Combined with the aforementioned policies, you can be sure that your business will be covered under even the most trying circumstances.



Cantor Insurance Group offers many additional insurance services to help serve you and your growing business.  Information can be found by viewing the links below.  As always, if you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please give us a call to speak with a representative that can assist you in obtaining a FREE business insurance policy quote.

• Errors and Omissions

• Employment Practice Liability (EPL)

• Cyber Liability

• Directors and Officers

• Fiduciary Liability

• Data Breach


Health & Life Insurance is more than a policy, it's a promise. Your Cantor Insurance Group agent can help you make sure the promises made for tomorrow can be protected today. We offer a wide range of Health and Life plans as well as other planning services. Schedule a confidential insurance review with a Cantor Insurance Health & Life Insurance Specialist to learn about the various products we have available to protect your family.

Understanding health insurance is something that is becoming an essential part of American life as the years go by.  The insurance industry is becoming more complex, more expensive, and above all else, more necessary.

Cantor Insurance Group has the right policy for you.

Health insurance is a complex issue, and shopping for and finding the right plan that fits your needs can be quite the headache. Whether you are an individual or a head of household searching for the proper insurance plan, the choices are the same — many to choose from and sometimes hard to find.  Most individuals are provided private health care by their employer — but for those that are not afforded this luxury, finding a health insurance plan may prove to be a difficult task.


When planning for the financial security of your family, you need to be able to make a well informed decision.  Sure, paying low premiums sounds nice, but are you confident that you are completely covered when the time comes?  Many individuals will leave behind a mortgage, automobile payment, and education expenses for their children - not to mention health care and funeral costs.  It's better to be fully protected than to save a few dollars over the years.

It's a good thing Cantor Insurance Group offers you the most premium life insurance coverage allowing you to rest easy and provide peace of mind.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract held between an insurance company and an individual allowing the company to financially protect your family in case of death.  The policy will provide assistance with bill paying, taxes, income loss, and funeral expenses.  Life insurance needs can change over a lifetime, and carry stipulations based on age, health, and lifestyle choices.  Consider life insurance if you wish to provide your dependents with the same quality of life and standard of living as when you were still financially stable.

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